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Course overview

The following are the lecture slides I prepared while teaching Bioinformatics at JIVAS, Bangalore, INDIA.

  • Feel free to use these slides.
  • Let me know if there are any corrections
  • These slides are prepared using LyX and the Latex Beamer Presentation class. Contact me if you require the original source (lyx or latex)

Lecture slides

Basic Biosciences

Cell Structure & Function


Protein Structure & Function

DNA Structure & Function


Operating Systems

  • Lecture slides - Part I
  • Lecture slides - Part II

Additional Reading

  1. Getting Started with Linux- A beginners guide on Linux from Linux Online
  2. Tiwari B, Field D. The Bioinformatics Playground. Linux User and Developer (2005) Issue 46. pp. 50-56.
  3. CBHD Newsletter - Edited by Ian J. Forsythe - [Issue 34 - March 3, 2005]
  4. Linux in the Lab - By Mike May [Published 8th November 2004] in The Scientist Magazine.


Homology Modeling

Recent updates to the course

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