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For today:

  • Finish Collecting metadata and policies for repositories on this list-

TreeBase Universal Protein Resource NIH Genetic Sequence Database European Nucleotide Archive DDBJ Protein DataBank NCBI trace and short-read Archive ENA Sequence Read Archive GEO ArrayExpress Nucleic Acids Database Biological Magnetic Resonance Databank Cambridge Structural Database PRIDE IMEx PubChem IntACt PeptideAtlas PetDB GEOROC World Data Center National Climtic Data Center NIST physical refernece data Hmpdata reaction data NBII IT IS (taxonomy) MCBI taxonomy Species 2000 National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis Dryad Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center

  • Contact Todd about Thursday Mentor Post

For the PM

  • Gather Funding Source and Sort out necessary fields
  • Write Blog Post
  • Start Drafting Abstract for possible paper

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