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Julie's Protocols

A warning: these all work for me, but molecular biology is a mysterious thing, so they may not work for you! Please email me at jmaresca (at) mit (dot) edu if you have a question or a problem. Thanks.

Preparation of electrocompetent cells. This works for E. coli, and I have not tested it on any other bacterial species. Image:Competent cells.pdf

Plasmid Minipreps. This is a standard miniprep protocol. Image:PlasmidMini.pdf

Standard PCR reactions (for normal amplification and for sequencing). Image:PCR jm.pdf

Use of the sonicator for small bacterial samples. Image:Delong Sonicator.pdf

Reverse-phase HPLC analysis of carotenoids and (bacterio)chlorophylls. Image:HPLC Tokyo.pdf

Reverse-phase HPLC analysis of carotenoids produced in E. coli. Image:HPLC Ecoli.pdf

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