Eccles:Newsletter Friday February 2nd 2007

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Developmental Genetics Newsletter




  • Cherie's working on the characterization of their mouse and human cystic kidney cell lines.
  • Will be attending the Forefronts Symposium on Nephrogenetics: from development to physiology being held just north of Boston, USA.
    • Is working hard on getting a poster together on characterization of their PKD cell lines.
    • Will be away from March 6th to 17th
    • May well enjoy the total fitness center, horse riding in the yachting capital of the world!
    • may or may not enjoy traveling with a one year old but is guaranteed to get a few stories out of it ;-)


  • Is working on transfection of melanoma cells and Pax3.


  • Is working on melanoma and Pax3
  • Is having an extended Waitangi day holiday with Monday off.


  • Is working hard at getting the Pax8 transfection experiments with ovarian cell lines.
  • Is working on getting primary melanoma cell culture started from pathology samples.
  • Is happy to have Mike Algie here to get working on a stably inducible cell line with the Flp-In T-Rex system.
  • Is now a lecturer! Has taken over from Ken Turner to do Mels305 along with Anna Wiles and they are trying hard to make it a better more interesting course.


  • Is happy to be back and working hard on growing up some cells to get ready for the characterization studies.


  • Has heaps of tail tipping to do and can't wait to see what those little mice got up to over the holidays ;-)
  • Has her first scan of the little fella in two weeks.


  • Has a big interview on Waitangi day with Edinburgh University for entrance into the Wellcome Trust PhD program. Congratulations Hayden!!!
  • Has only a few weeks left and may well have finished his last experiment!


  • Has grown up some melanocyes, Mel-ST, free to all!


  • Is working hard on her Masters.
  • definitely has no days off, including Waitangi day....


  • Will be coming back to full time next week
  • Is trying to get her head around the monthly report.


  • Has been spending lots of time over at the center for inovation doing wound assays and has got some excellent videos of cells moving around.

Mike A

  • Has come in and got straight to working with the Flp-In T-Rex system with a couple of cell lines.

Will be very busy with his wedding on March 10th and a new baby coming in mid-July, Congratulations Mike!


  • Has nearly finished working on the 'What's in the Dewar' project.
  • Getting ready to do some microsatellite marker analysis for the PKD sheep project.


  • Well one audit down and two to go, Lynne's been round and more or less things were sweet, thanks for tidying up. And the IBSC will be in a couple weeks.


  • IBSC and MAF audits to come.
  • Hayden leaving by the end of February.
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