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So I'm thinking...

What if the retinoic acid receptor binomes do not all bind the same RAREs? More RAR alpha than gamma transcripts, and twice-three times as much RXRA and RXRB transcripts in the neural crest. That makes four pairs.

It would totally be possible to see what their targets are in the undifferentiated neural crest cells, and do the Illumina sequencing to compare the sites. In particular, if there are sites in and around the FGFR2 gene, that might drive the specific isoform for the cardiac FGF that Christelle is working on. It would be a nice explanation for the conotruncal-style defects in MWS patients. (Probably too easy, but it would be nice).

Before that, it should be possible to see if there are predicted RARE's in and around the FGFR2 gene, and to see if perchance some of them are highly conserved.

  • Heather 11:57, 7 October 2008 (EDT):
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