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Culture of hNCC in Toulouse

Sophie sent me two trunk-level hNCC lines last week on dry ice (Tuesday):

R1064 passage 9 from 30-11-06 : 10<super>6</super> cells

R1094 passage 5 from 16/1/08: 2x 10<super>6</super> cells

I made up and aliquotted all the medium components. Too long and fastidious to copy from paper lab notebook to here. She also sent some of the original serum lot to get things started.

Thawed cells on Friday, rinsed off medium and plated on 35mm collagen I plates. The first, older, less dense freeze took right off as of Saturday, getting near confluent today. The second, only a tiny percentage of the cells survived the thaw. They are at clonal density and don't seem to have divided as of today (don't see doublets).

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