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Uploaded a list of tags (out of the total 50500) expressed for various chemokine and chemokine receptor genes.

Also uploaded the current medium formulation for hNCC. Should add a link also within the Protocols portion of the Local category.

Finally, the combined formula for the salts-vitamins portion of the hNCC medium; this was done to try to choose a better, serum-free formulation that would be closest to what we use.

Candice has sent me today on dry ice the following tubes of cells:

  • - 1 ampoule de CCNT R1066 P20 congelĂ©e le 27/12/07
  • - 1 ampoule de CCNC R1066 P17 du 08/08/08
  • Alethea 10:29, 2 September 2008 (EDT):
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