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Changing medium and examining morphology of cell cultures

The "T" cells are much too dense. But I don't want to trypsin them again until Monday. I must have underestimated by counting, maybe the larger cell clumps had fallen below the sample I took to look in the hemocytometer. This is borne out by an uneven cell density on the plates. Even the "C" plates are too dense in areas, okay in others.

All cells look healthy in all media, but they seem to have spread more than the first day. I wish I took photos of these cultures, but they looked just like the figure in Sophie's paper yesterday, while I think some cells are getting bigger and more ramified, and in the trunk cultures, there are definitely cells with a few projections and other megacells with sharp edges and/or vacuoles. It's not the majority but not a good sign either.

This was especially the case in the C medium. We'll see what they look like on Monday. Changed all media for 100% of the appropriate medium type.

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