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hNCC cultures evolving

  • Threw away supernatant of C6000-cultured cells now in R medium. Not a single live cell.
  • However, still plenty of live cells on bottom of C6000 35 mm dish, not quite confluent. Will scan my sketches because morphology and size are variable among the cultures. Changed for 1 mL fresh.
  • S and 401 media are hanging in there, too - changed for 10 mL fresh.
  • Rich medium on large 150 cm2 flasks: both cephalic and trunk doing well, with highly ramified morphology had noticed earlier. These large cells also spread very flat and the ER around the nucleus also spreads and stretches rather than staying tight around the nuclear membrane. Again will try to scan my sketch, since there is no easy way to take photos.
  • Made up fresh Rich medium, this time with a new serum. This was: Eurobio's Foetal Calf Serum (heat inactivated) reference CVFSVF06-01, lot number S25117D, expiration date 2009/04/26.
  • Used a mix of 50% old Rich and 50% new Rich serum, replaced flask media with 25 mL of this for the weekend. Not confluent, perhaps 60%.

  • Heather 05:29, 19 September 2008 (EDT):
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