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After last week's three cultures suddenly dead, I was wondering if some of the bubbles on the tubes of medium that I treat with bacteriocide surfactant were not soap getting into the medium.

I changed the medium on all with the previous round of Rich medium, made up a new batch, and this I aliquotted into the previous 50mL tube. This was suspicious to me, with the bubbles, so I only topped up one of the three cultures (in the same dish) with this preparation.

The neural medium cells in the two most concentrated wells, I trypsinized and then plated on 35mm with the new Rich medium, but taken directly from the bottle and not from the 50mL tube. We'll see tomorrow. There were only 37000 cells total as I counted them, probably I left a lot on the bottom.

  • Heather 11:43, 4 February 2009 (EST):

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