Etchevers:Notebook/STRA6 in eye development/2009/05/11

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Bacteria and HEK 293 cells and HIS head genes

Adeline has used some of the competent bacteria. There is remaining - one x 400μL aliquot at -70°C in box I, spot A3. Would like to get the Google Docs spreadsheet up and running. Stephane has transfected into 2x 50 μL from the other remaining large aliquot and will replace 6x aliquots into my yellow box. Adeline will use four of these.

DH5a competent NEB #C2988J to replace when necessary.

Diluted pCAGGS-GFP that Christelle sent me, 1400ng/μL, to 28 ng/μL (1/50) for Stephane to use 5 μL and transfect my bacteria for control transfections. Need to find out if there is a transilluminator that makes GFP glow.

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