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1000x vitamin solution for yeast nitrogen base


The recipe described here is based on the description from the John McCusker lab. In contrast to the original recipe I have dissolved pyridoxine and thiamine in water instead of ethanol. Therefore I have added 4 ml EtOH to the ethanol-soluble vitamins in order to keep the volume the same. I have not checked if it is necessary to assure that all vitamins can be dissolved.


Volumes for the preparation of 50 ml of a 1000x vitamin stock solution.

Compound Stock solution Vol. for 50 ml 1000x stock
biotin 0.005 g in 50 ml 95% EtOH 1 ml
calcium pantothenate 0.1 g in 10 ml H2O 2 ml
folic acid 0.0025 g in 50 ml H2O (warm) 2 ml
myo-inositol 10% 1 ml
niacin 1% 2 ml
p-aminobenzoic acid 0.1 g in 10 ml 95% EtOH 1 ml
pyridoxine HCl 0.1 g in 10 ml H2O 2 ml
thiamine HCl 0.1 g in 10 ml H2O 2 ml
riboflavin 5' monophosphate - 10 mg

  1. remove the individual stock solutions from the refrigerator, may have to warm to get them back into solution
  2. combine all 95% EtOH vitamin solutions (2 ml), add 4 ml 95% EtOH
  3. Add 10 mg riboflavin 5' monophosphate (sodium salt dihydrate) to 95% EtOH mixture
  4. Combine the filtersterilized, water-dissolved vitamin solutions (11 ml) with 33 ml sterile H2O
  5. Combine the sterile H2O solution with the 95% EtoH solution/suspension for a final volume of 50 ml.
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