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Laboratory Organization and Management

Website/Computers/Databases - Francisco Brito and Andreia Amaral

Autoclave/Tips - Beatriz and Marta, sup. Samuel Casaca

Reagents/labware management (Stocks) and orders - Beatriz and Marta, sup. Isabel Peixeiro

Orders - Isabel Peixeiro/Margarida

Lab solutions and protocols - Beatriz and Marta, sup. Jorge Andrade

Cell Culture and Laboratory maintenance - Ana Miguel

Freezers/Pipettes - Ana Matos and Sara Fernandes

Equipments/Radioactive stuff - Jorge Andrade

Lab waste - Samuel Casaca

2013 calendar

Lab meetings are on Mondays, at 2h30 p.m.

BioFIG seminars: PI seminars, Wednesdays@2pm and PhD/Post-doc seminars, Thursdays@10am, every other week

Please link Jclub papers as exemplified


07/01/13 8.2.02 Ana Miguel MSc thesis + J. club
14/01/13 ... Samuel Casaca ...
4/02/13 ... Jorge Andrade ...
11/02/13 ... Francisco Brito ...
18/02/13 ... Isabel Peixeiro ...
25/02/13 ... Ana Matos ...
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