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 #!/usr/bin/env python
 from random import *
 #Generation of list of 10,000 strings of 10 random coinflips and tally of stretches of H's and T's
 for x in range(10000):
     for i in range(mx):
         random = choice(range(0,2,1))
         if random==0:
         if random==1:
     for i in range(9):
         substH = .join(['H' for n in range(i+2)])
         pos = substr.find(substH,0)
         while not pos == -1:
             countH[i] = countH[i] + 1
             pos = substr.find(substH,pos+1)
     for i in range(9):
         substT = .join(['T' for n in range(i+2)])
         pos = substr.find(substT,0)
         while not pos == -1:
             countT[i] = countT[i] + 1
             pos = substr.find(substT,pos+1)
 print "10,000 strings of 10 random coinflips were generated.  The following tallies of H's and T's were recorded." 
 print "Occurence(s) of HH:", countH[0]
 print "Occurence(s) of HHH:", countH[1]
 print "Occurence(s) of HHHH:", countH[2]
 print "Occurence(s) of HHHHH:", countH[3]
 print "Occurence(s) of HHHHHH:", countH[4]
 print "Occurence(s) of HHHHHHH:", countH[5]
 print "Occurence(s) of HHHHHHHH:", countH[6]
 print "Occurence(s) of HHHHHHHHH:", countH[7]
 print "Occurence(s) of HHHHHHHHHH:", countH[8]
 print "Occurence(s) of TT:", countT[0]
 print "Occurence(s) of TTT:", countT[1]
 print "Occurence(s) of TTTT:", countT[2]
 print "Occurence(s) of TTTTT:", countT[3]
 print "Occurence(s) of TTTTTT:", countT[4]
 print "Occurence(s) of TTTTTTT:", countT[5]
 print "Occurence(s) of TTTTTTTT:", countT[6]
 print "Occurence(s) of TTTTTTTTT:", countT[7]
 print "Occurence(s) of TTTTTTTTTT:", countT[8]


 10,000 strings of 10 random coinflips were generated.  The following tallies of H's and T's were recorded. 
 Occurence(s) of HH: 22483
 Occurence(s) of HHH: 9995
 Occurence(s) of HHHH: 4404
 Occurence(s) of HHHHH: 1894
 Occurence(s) of HHHHHH: 818
 Occurence(s) of HHHHHHH: 342
 Occurence(s) of HHHHHHHH: 136
 Occurence(s) of HHHHHHHHH: 48
 Occurence(s) of HHHHHHHHHH: 14
 Occurence(s) of TT: 22591
 Occurence(s) of TTT: 10146
 Occurence(s) of TTTT: 4492
 Occurence(s) of TTTTT: 1905
 Occurence(s) of TTTTTT: 771
 Occurence(s) of TTTTTTT: 291
 Occurence(s) of TTTTTTTT: 108
 Occurence(s) of TTTTTTTTT: 36
 Occurence(s) of TTTTTTTTTT: 8
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