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Had about the same number of colonies on each of the ligation plates as the backbone. Will try the ligation following the Zhang lab protocol.

Will run through the protocol with pX330 and three gRNAs, g5, g13, g14

Annealing the oligos

oligo 1 (100μM) 1
oligo 2 (100μM)1
10X T4 Ligation Buffer (NEB) 1
T4 PNK (NEB)0.5

  • 37°C 30 min
  • 95°C 5 min
  • ramp down to 25°C at 5°C/min

Ligation reaction

pX330 (185ng/ul) 0.540540541
1:250 annealed oligos2
10X Fast Digest buffer2
10mM DTT1
10mM ATP1
T7 DNA ligase0.5


  • 37°C 5 min
  • 23°C 5 min
    • Cycle the previous two steps for 6 cycles (total run time 1h)
  • 4°C hold until ready to proceed

Long transformation, 75ul cells

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