Haynes Lab:Notebook/CRISPR Editing/2015/03/20

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PCR of g025, g032, and g044 Luc14 and Gal4-EED+dox treated cells with Phusion and P197/198.

Nested PCR of g032 with P149/P174

98 deg for 30
30 cycles
98 for 10s
68 for 10s
72 for 15s
72 for 5 min
4 forever

Plated cells for transfections tomorrow. Gal4-EED+dox cells plated at 0.16x10^6 cells/well in 12 well plates. Luc14 cells plated at 0.1x10^6 cells / well in 12 well plates. Two plates for each cell type for a total of 4 12-well plates

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