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Finished gDNA extraction from Luc14s transfected with dilutions of g034

Collected 0.1 and 0.01ug g034 transfected Luc14s and gal4-eed cells with dox (6/30) for flow and gDNA extraction:

aspirate media
add 400ul PBS, rock plate, aspirate PBS
add 200ul trypsin, let sit for a few minutes, tap plate to unstick cells
add 500ul media, pipette to collect cells, move to 1.5mL microcentrifuge tube
remove tubes from hood
spin in benchtop centrifuge at 0.2x1000RCF for 3 minutes
remove media with P1000
resuspend in 400ul cold PBS
filter 200ul for flow, use remaining 200ul for gDNA extraction

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