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Ran PCR from 10/26/15 (Luc14 g031d g034d, g032) on gel

Nested PCR of 1:1000 diluted Luc14 g032 samples with P149/174
Ran on gel, bands in negative control, need to rerun.

PCR purified Luc14 g031d and g034d

Cell type gRNA donor rep 260 280 260/280 ng/┬ÁL
Luc14g031g031 EcoRI10.0350.0191.89435.13
Luc14g031g031 EcoRI20.0660.0371.7765.872
Luc14g031g031 EcoRI30.0580.0321.79258.161
Luc14g034g034 EcoRI10.0360.0211.7436.115
Luc14g034g034 EcoRI20.0290.0161.73928.507
Luc14g034g034 EcoRI30.0380.0192.00637.64

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