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Ran g055 nested PCR again, used 05ul of phusion from the wang lab, 32 cycles. ran on gel, bright bands, no band in neg ctrl lane. column purified, set up annealing reaction

Cell type gRNA rep 260 280 260/280 ng/┬ÁL ul for 200ng ul ann buff ul water

ran annealing reaction of g055 and g054.

Plate 6
dilution curve for three primer sets.
used sheared Luc14 genomic DNA

possible plate 7
L 25 H pset 3
L/G 31 F/I/input set 3

Primer set 3 master mix

' 1 well 85
2x SYBR mix7.5637.5
750nmol F/R primer mix3255
PCR water2.5212.5

Image:16.06.01 qPCR Plate 6 screen shot.png

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