Haynes Lab:Notebook/Characterizing AHL quorum sensing homologs/2013/02/28

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Did minipreps on the colonies picked 2013-02-27 (shook for 24 hours)
Many of them did not work. This chart shows which ones worked with an X and which ones did not grow with a 0:

Part number Description Part size (bp) Backbone Colonies
1 2
F2620 p(tetR)-RBS-luxR-Stop-lux pR 1061 pSB1A2 0 0
K082035 p(tetR)-RBS-rhlI-Stop-Stop 884 pSB1A2 X X
R0071 RhlR-activated promoter 53 pSB1A2 0 X
K084007 LacI-RBS-LasI 835 pSB1AK3 X X
K081016 RBS-lasI-Stop 735 pSB1AK3 0 X
K081023 RBS-cl lam-RBS-lasR-Stop 1653 pSB1AK3 X 0

Picked more colonies and grew them in 3ml LB + amp

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