Haynes Lab:Notebook/Characterizing AHL quorum sensing homologs/2013/03/14

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picked a colony from the K092900+E0420 ligation plate, grew in 3ml LB for 10 hours
Dave thinks the GC data from hexane extraction might be ok but the standards are too high a concentration to be relevant to my sample concentrations. I looked at the data with Becky and Shawn's help and I couldn't find the peaks for my AHLs. I added 1ul of each AHL to 500ul of hexane or ethyl acetate to see if I can see the AHL peak with ethyl acetate. After I added the AHL to hexane, I noticed the droplet just sat on the bottom. I didn't mix my standards last time which might explain why I couldn't find my AHL peaks. I vortexed them this time.
minipreps: K092900+E0420 ligation

found an E0420 round bottom tube in the incubator, not sure when it was from by I miniprepped it anyway

miniprep concentrations from today and some previous days:

K092900m.p. 3/10/13 0.040.0221.8540.299
K092900+E0420 lig mp 3/13/130.0810.0421.90280.549
E0420 mp0.10.0541.858100.337

cut the two minipreps above and 5ul of old K092900 (from 3/10) and E0420 (from 3/3) all with X&P

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