Haynes Lab:Notebook/Characterizing AHL quorum sensing homologs/2014/01/27

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Ran all 30 ul of the PCR products from Friday on gel. Did gel extractions using zymo kit. Eluted in 50ul.

Sample 260 280 260/280 ng/┬ÁL
G GG mCh0.0380.0221.73237.513
G GG I13522 no GFP 20.0470.0281.69947.261
G GG I13522 no GFP 30.0330.021.63132.562
G GG I13522 no GFP 40.0450.0291.57845.351
G GG I13522 no GFP 50.0410.0241.67240.521

Put DNA at -20.

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