Haynes Lab:Notebook/Characterizing AHL quorum sensing homologs/2014/02/10

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Ran gel of PCR products from 2/8/14.

Sample Primer 1 Primer 2 Template Ideal AT Approx Length
1P098P099I13522 (2)462372
2P098P099I13522 (3)462372
3P098P099I13522 9.27 55.7462372
4P103P104I13522 (2)49780
5P103P104I13522 (3)49780
6P103P104I13522 9.27 55.749780

      • insert gel photo before and after***

Gel extract using Zymo kit. Read concentrations of these and gel extractions from 2/7/14:

Primer 1 Primer 2 Template 260 280 260/280 ng/┬ÁL
P103P104I13522 (2)0.1240.0651.9124.369
P103P104I13522 (3)0.1230.0651.9123.324
P103P104I13522 9/27/13 55.70.0540.0281.91854.117
P098P099I13522 (3)0.0980.0511.93197.574
P098P099I13522 (2)0.1160.061.943115.692
P117P118K092900 (RhlR)0.050.0271.87450.159
P105P106R0011 (2)0.0050.0022.6325.229
P113P114LuxR (F2620)0.0570.0291.96857.356
P105P106R0011 (1)0.0020-6.6672.073
P088P102Receiver vector0.1130.061.896113.028

Golden gate to build LuxR receiver

Part Length (bp) Concentration (ng/ul) fmol/ul Final volume to dilute 1ul to get 20 fmol/ul
Receiver vector237211372.23.6
Lux box5620541.127.1

GG to build RhlR receiver

Part Length (bp) Concentration (ng/ul) fmol/ul '
Receiver vector237211372.23.6
Rhl box5620541.127.1

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