Haynes Lab:Notebook/Inteins/2013/03/01

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  • Completed a restriction/digest from really good mini prep!
  • Used brand new enzymes for the restriction/ digest
  • Made a brand new gel

1KBT KAH9(186) KAH9(160) KAH10 (116) KAH10 (106)

  • Put 10 of ladder, 30 in other wells.


  • Run dna recovery kit
    • Melted @ 55.6 degrees C for 6 min., vortex in between
    • 8uL + 7 water to elute dna in last step
  • Completed ligation/transformation
  • Used both 2x and 10x buffers
  • Get competent cells and keep on ice
  • Used both buffers to see if lab shared stock Roche ligation buffer was contaminated.
  • Used brand new ligase and ligation buffer
  • Left ligations for at least 30 mins.
  • Add 50 uL of competent cells

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