Haynes Lab:Notebook/RNA-seq of PcTF Transfected U2OS & SK-N-SH cell lines/2015/06/13

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Collecting the second timepoint for the no plasmid control.


Well 4: no plasmid control, post-48 hrs

Flow Cytometry

Plot 1 (FSC-A/SSC-A)Plot 4 (FL3-A)Plot 6 (FL1-A)
CountVolume (µL)Events / µLCountEvents / µL% of AllCount% of This PlotCount% of This Plot
A02 4 no plasmid43,61610436231,378313871.94%1330.42%570.18%

RNA Miniprep

Harvested well 4 and treated with Trizol, storing at -80 °C until more Qiagen RNeasy kits arrive.

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