Haynes Lab:Notebook/Synthetic Biology and Bioinformatics for Predictable Control of Therapeutic Gene2/2012/08/21

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Continuation of Cell Culturing

(1) Growth
(2) No Growth (control)

For Amp LB

  1. Dilute x1000 (100ug/Ml) Ex: 400uL of amp/400mL of LB Broth)
  2. Mix

  1. Label round bottom tubes
  2. With a serological pipet add 2mL of Amp LB per tube
  3. Use yellow pipets to culture, toss in tubes
  4. Rewrap the plate, store in fridge
  5. Leave caps on tubes, store in incubator
  6. Turn shaker on, make sure H2O is in tupperware (incubate for 10 hours)

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