Haynes Lab:Notebook/TB Biosensor/2012/06/26

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Ernesto cut Haynes' V0120 backbone with Xba1 and Pst1

Ernesto miniprepped biobrick LuxS and LsrA parts. Didn't get good yields. I will redo tomorrow.

ran V0120 backbone and crtB PCR products on gel. gel extracted. got good yields for crtB products but not V0120.

added 2ul of 30mg/ml kan to 2ml of plain liquid LB. added 20ul of Keio JW2662-01 bacteria in plain liquid LB from 12.06.25. left shaking overnight at 36deg.

added 25ul of 30mg/ml kan to 250ul water. added to a plain LB plate and spread the liquid using glass beads. let sit inverted at 36deg for 4 hours. added 80ul of the Keio bacteria in plain liquid LB from 12.06.25. left overnight at 36deg.

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