How do I...Send my research materials to someone at another research institution?

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Drew's assistant can help you FedEx stuff to other people.

If your shipment requires a box (as opposed to an envelope) or a Styrofoam box for dry ice, you will need to provide the box(es) and the dry ice. Make sure exterior box has one side that measures at least 8.5" x 11" to accommodate the FedEx label pouch.

First, are you sending something within the US or to another country? If your shipment is international, there will be extra information to provide to Drew's assistant.

Shipments within the United States

Send Drew's assistant the following:

  • Name of recipient
  • Address
  • Phone number of recipient

If dry ice is required:

  • Let the assistant know when you send her the address information. She has dry ice labels, so you won't need to find a box that had dry ice in it and that has that diamond-shaped sticker on it for dry ice.

International Shipments

In addition to sending the assistant the above, some specifics will be needed for customs:

Provide a list of EXACTLY what it is you are sending, in what type of container(s), quantity of containers, and volume of containers.


Weight of the dry ice is ~2kg.

The contents include:

  • 4x 2mL cryogenic tubes each with 1mL E. coli cultures in 20% glycerol

...One more thing:

Four customs forms will be generated when the shipping label is created. You will need to sign and date each page. The assistant will give these to you.

The assistant has packing tape, so she will most likely offer to tape up the box for you. Unless the box is super heavy, she will offer to bring it out to the FedEx drop off location, which located on the sidewalk near the entrance to the building that has Bytes Cafe inside.

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