How to read the memory state?

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Reading the memory state would probably relies on fluorescent proteins (FPs).(it would however be nice to keep a hard record of all event in DNA structure for example). Advantage that it would keep the cells alive, quite easy to read and numerous variants are available. By using Spectral deconvolution, weare virtually able to separate all overlapping spectras, so that we can have numerous different colors.


However, there's one problem we'll have to face: if relying on transcriptionnal activation, the time of synthesis plus the time of maturation of the FP (around 20 min at best) would preclude very rapid reading. (maybe not true see Hasty paper on fast oscillator: actully E.coli is a very oxydative environment, so the fluorophore matures faster) )

alternative possibilities:

  • Change subcellular localisation: Cell/nucleus, cytosol/membrane (more applicable to trans-kingdom), inta/extra cellular (!!!).
  • Activable fluorophore: the protein is here, but its fluorescence quenched. Writing state change protein conformation or sequester/destroy the quencher.

see if Dark quencher could work.article

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