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Entry One

Jan 13 2016 Week One Lab-Transect Description

1. Ariel Diagram of Transect

Image: transect 1 description arial view.jpg

2. Abiotic/Biotic Components

Abiotic -rock -soil -wind (11mph) -temp (28 degrees) -light

Biotic -clover -acorns -tree branches -Oak tree leave -flowers (specifically "pleniflora")

3. Description of Transect Characteristics Plot of land, soil is hard/compact because of the temperature (28 degrees) soil underneath is loose and cold 11 mph winds Dark (at the time we were there 5:30-6:00pm) Multiple smaller trees Three large Oak trees Ground scattered with acorns, fallen leaves, and twigs/branches Some remnants of plant life (flowers and small bushes)


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