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  • this is my lab notebook for GBII


January 27 2015 Image:Hay infusion.jpg Image:Hay infusion top.jpg The Hay Infusion of our transect smelled like mold. It had a wet mild smell that was not pleasant. As you can see in the pictures above the water was a light brown, dirt settled to the bottom and there was a thin film on top of the water, which could mean new life growing. There was also sticks leaves and grass in the Hay Infusion.

Niche #1 - Top of Hay infusion A. Stramenopila algae, it was a golden brown color, it was about 60um, and nonmotile. Image:Stramenopila.jpg B. Pelomyxa protist, clear/colorless, floated (non-motile), not spherical in shape (shape changes), and was about 30um. Image:Pelomyxa.jpg C. Chlamydomonas protist, circular in shape, unicellular, non-motile and about 47um Image:Chlamydomonas.jpg

Niche #2 - Middle (near top of grass) A. Image:Pandorina.jpg B. Image:Euglena.jpg C. Image:Volvex.jpg

January 27 2015 My transect is located beside the Hurst building. It is a 20 by 20ft piece of land that contains, a large tree, dirt, a lamp post, sprinklers and more. The soil has multiple things planted and some plants have been cut for winter, but their roots are still visible. There is evidence of weeds and grass growing in the soil but not a in large quantities. Garbage was found in the transect which could be a result of being next to a sidewalk. Image:Transect 1.jpg this image shows the view from the north to the south. Abiotic factors of this transect is the light, garbage, location and sunlight, and sprinklers Biotic factors are the plants growing, the soil, and the animals living there.

--Michaela Nieuwenhuizen 16:27, 27 January 2016 (EST)

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