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Competent Cell Check

  • Ligation results suggest a problem with competent cells.
    • Transformed 3 μL of TetR promoter into 3 tubes of 50 μL of comp. cells taken from 2 different tubes.


  • Ligation from 8/12 did not show any growth on any plates, suggesting competent cells may be bad.
  • Started a new ligation to save until competent cells can be checked.

TesA+RBS insert with LacI+backbone

Ligation reaction
Reagent Ligation (μL) Control (μL)
TesA+RBS 2.0 0.0
LacI 2.0 2.0
Ligation Buffer 1.0 1.0
Ligase 1.0 1.0
H2O 4.0 6.0


  • Started seed of PACYC from plate started yesterday.
  • Started seed of BL21 in preparation to make competent cells.

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