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Made Antibiotics


  • 50mg/mL stocks; 20 aliquots of 1 mL each, therefore 20 mL
  • Dissolved 1000 mg (1 g) of Kanamycin into 20 mL of water
  • Aliquoted 1 mL ea. into sterile microfuge tubes, freezed at -20ºC


  • 15mg/mL stocks; 20 aliquots of 1mL each, therefore 20mL
  • Dissolved 300mg (0.3g) of Tetracycline into 10mL of 100% Ethanol and 10mL of sdH2O (i.e. dissolved in 50% EtOH)
  • Aliquoted 1mL each into sterile microfuge tubes
  • wrapped in tin foil to protect from light
  • freezed at -20ºC

Made LB Plates

  • Done by standard methods
  • Plated Kan at 50ug/mL final plated dilution

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