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Bacterial Growth Curve Results

  • This is a continuation of the growth curve experiments from 5 June 2009
  • Data was entered into Excel, and the average OD as well as elapsed time computed.
  • Scatter plot was plotted, and a line of best fit was added. This provided us with a way of "guesstimating" the elapsed time needed before reaching ODs of ~0.4 to 0.6.
  • Results showed that the BW27783 cells grew fastest with a slope of 0.0038 OD/min. Full results are summarized below.
Strain Slope Value (in OD/min) Equation R-sq Value
BW277830.0038y = 0.0038x + 0.05310.984
DB3.10.0022y = 0.0022x + 0.08450.9471
DH5a0.0025y = 0.0025x + 0.07820.96908

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