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Results of Competent Cell Testing

  • The number of colonies on each of the plates spread with the 090623 competent cells are below:
    • Tube A - 0 colonies
    • Tube B - 0 colonies
    • Tube C - 23 colonies
    • Tube D - 6 colonies
    • DB3.1 - 1 colony
  • As the control transformation did not have many colonies, the concentration of the pUC19 that was used might not be correct, will re-transform A and B tubes and make glycerol stocks of C and D

Making Glycerol Stocks of C and D tubes of Competent Cells

  • Made a 14% glycerol stock by adding 393uL 100% glycerol to 2.41mL competent cells
  • Made 27 competent cell aliquots by adding 100uL of cells into chilled 1.7mL centrifuge tubes and storing in -80 freezer

Testing Competent Cells

  • As the control plasmid did not show conclusive reuslts, transformed competent cell stocks A and B and a control DB3.1 competent cell aliquot with 5uL pUC19 plasmid following the iGEM:British Columbia Transformation protocol

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