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Glycerol Stock Confirmation

  • PCR Protocol #11
  • Samples: pBad reverse, RBS RFP Terminator, J23100, RBS, pBad weak RBS RFP, RBS YFP Terminator
Gel Electrophoresis 1% gel with SYBR green only pBad reverse, RBS RFP Term, and pBad weak RBS RFP, RBS were confirmed, to confirm J23100 on July 15
Material 1 reaction Master mix
10x buffer2.5uL 24.75uL
Vf2 primer1.25uL 12.38uL
Vr primer1.25uL 12.38uL
dNTP 0.5uL 4.95uL
sd water19.3uL 191.1uL
Taq Pol 0.2uL 1.98uL
DNA 0uL 0uL
Total 25uL 247.5uL

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