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Colonies were seen on the plates with the transformants.
Do a colony PCR for samples: RFP, cI 2, GFP RBS, RGV DT, LasR LVA, PLasI, DT 1, GFP
Per reaction:
Taq 10× buffer: 2μl
dNTPs: 0.4μl
MgCl2: 1.2μl
taq 5u/μl: 0.1μl
Forward primer 10mM: 0.4μl
Reverseprimer 10mM: 0.4μl
MQ: 15.5μl
Analyse them on a 1% agarosegel
Let colonies grow overnight some time and than isolate plasmids for sequencing. Image:Transformants.jpg

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