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5 plates in fridge across cyano freezer, kaib pelleted in freezer

for the pcr's, 1 gel on summer cyano table. use this instead of e-gel (1% agarose, 15 lanes).

to do: wed

  • find out which stand is j36011.
    • may I have your attention please? may I have your attention please? will the real j36011 please stand up? i repeat, will the real j36011 please stand up? we're gonna have a problem here..
  • inoculate real j36011

to do: thurs midi of fo' real j36011, kaib (~3.5 h) sequencing be4 4


results of electroporation

As exptected; no growth on term or J36012, most likely because of ARC error. Next time diluting the ligation mixture and only using 1uL.

checking for kaiB

Checking Nick's original plate to see indeed if any of them match his notebook entry or resemble KaiB.

col pcr from nick's plates results

Image: colpcr_1_101806.jpg

Image: colpcr_2_101807.jpg

Nothing matches =(

verification of what we have

Using AlignX and Vector NTI, verified nucleotide for nucleotide that we indeed have J36000 and J36002, beyond a doubt.

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