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List of Working Stocks

1. Working Stocks with Aptamers

Stock IDExperiment12345678910111213141516171819202122232425
c4.0Ano latches, no aptamersxxxxxxxx
c4.0Blatch design 1, no aptamersxxxxxxxx
c4.0Clatch design 2, no aptamersxxxxxxxxxxx
c4.0Dno latches, inside aptamersxxxxxxxx
c4.0Eno latches, outside aptamersxxxxxxxx
c4.0Flatch design 1, inside aptamersxxxxxxxx
c4.0Glatch design 1, outside aptamersxxxxxxxx
c4.0Hlatch design 2, inside aptamersxxxxxxxxxxx
c4.0Ilatch design 2, outside aptamersxxxxxxxxxxx
c4.0Jdisplace latch design 1xxx
c4.0Kdisplace latch design 2xxx

2. Working Stocks for Biotinylated Oligos

Stock IDExperiment123456789101112131415161718192021222324254b6b
c4.0Fblatch design 1, inside biotinxxxxxxxx
c4.0Gblatch design 1, outside biotinxxxxxxxx
c4.0Hblatch design 2, inside biotinxxxxxxxxxxx
c4.0Iblatch design 2, outside biotinxxxxxxxxxxx
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