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Results from Friday (6/20) Electroporation and Transformation in S1


Name Registry Name Description Origin Marker Observations
P1a J23113Low promoter GFP testerpMB1Kan16 pink colonies of approx 7mm diameter
P2a J23150Medium promoter GFP testerpMB1Kanno growth
P3a J23151High promoter GFP testerpMB1Kan8 pink colonies of approx 7mm diameter
P12 pETDuet-1Low copy plasmidpBR322-derived ColE1AmpLawn
P13 pCDFDuet-1Low copy plasmidCloDF13Sm41 pink colonies and some small yellow ones that may be E. coli
P14 pCOLADuet-1Low copy plasmidColAKanNo growth
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