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Team Allergy


  • Only 2 colonies grew up (V10 9 (37c1) and V10 12 B(38 c2)) ger ihprna constructs
    • growing up colonies again in 5 mL cultures w/less antibiotic (50 ng/uL of kan)
    • concentrations: V10_9: 21.4 ng/uL V10_12B: 16.9 ng/uL
  • Diagnostic Digest (Should see ~ 7 kb band and 840 band)

Diagnostic Digest Ger ihpRNA into V10

  • Did not see exepcted bands (waiting on cultures grown up today to miniprep and hopefully transform into agrobacterium tommorow)


  • Ligated into V9/V10 and transformed

Team Fence

Image: 810digestslater.jpg

  • ladder
  • PhyB (backbone)
  • Barstar 4 (insert)
  • V26 (backbone)
  • GalDBD1 (insert)
  • GalDBD5 (insert)
  • B21 (backbone)

Digests 8/10

  • PhyB with Bam and Nco
  • Barstar with Pst and Eco
  • V26 with Pst and Eco
  • Gal4DBD with Eco and Spe (Gal4DBD minipreps 1 and 5)
  • Arp2BB PCR product with Xba and Pst
  • Arp PCR product with Xba and Pst
  • B21 with Xba and Pst
  • ACC synthase with Eco and Spe
  • Barnase ligation product with Eco and Xba

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