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Team Allergy

  • Minipreps of (V95, V91, V99, V99b, V1011, V107B, V1012, V109b)
    • Concentrations (20-60 ng/uL range)
  • Diagnostic Digest (should see ~ 7 kb and 840 bp)

Ladder, V9 5 (Bet2), V91(LTP), V99 (Ger), V99B (Ger), V1011 (Ger), V107b(Ger), V1012 (Ger), V109B (Ger)

V10 7B (Ger worked)

Team Fence

colonies from yesterday's transformations/ligations

Image: 810 colonies 1.jpg Image: 810 colonies 2.jpg

basically nothing on either

Image: 810 colonies 3.jpg Image: 810 colonies 4.jpg

nothing on either

Image: 810 colonies 6.jpg

Image: 810 colonies last.jpg

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