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Strains, Plasmids, and Trasformation


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Agrobacterium infection diagram

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4. Everything you want to know about Arabidopsis [3]



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Markers and Genetic Fences

Dual selection system ideas

  • use selectable markers such as URA3 to control whether an integration plasmid is replicated or not
  • cells with the URA3 gene can grow on media without uracil, but get killed by 5-Fluoroorotic acid (5-FOA)
  • cells without the URA3 gene die on media without uracil, but can survive exposure to 5-FOA


Downstream effectors


Peanut and Tomatoes review

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Peanut profilins: Ara h knock-down

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Tomato profilins: Lyc e knock-down

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Orange profilin: Cit s 2 (characterized, but not knocked down yet)

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VANILLA: http://www.3dchem.com/moremolecules.asp?ID=307&othername=Vanilla#

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Capsaicin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capsaicin

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From wikipedia:


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caffeine etc.

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can we eat it for the iGEM project (human testing)? Can we hand it out to be eaten (FDA)? Patent/copyright issues? Can we have actual tranformed plants ready by the jamboree

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