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M9 Broth has been made up and is sitting in the fridge in T/L



  • We electroporated the following in the morning
    • I13521, 18I
    • 7A->3O DNA 2
  • DNA and competent cells with DNA are in cold room
  • Plates in 37C incubator in T/L


  • Maxi-preped the following parts
    • 1I
    • 5M
    • 12D->24A colony 1, 3, 4
    • 16P
    • 2M
    • 7A->3O colony 2
  • Maxiprep DNA in fridge in T/L


  • Redo ligation 12D->2H
    • Cut 12D with P & X, yellow buffer
    • Cut 2H with S & P, orange buffer
  • 30 uL digests
  • extract DNA successful, however, there was a faint larger band in the 2H lane, but we took out the larger band which corresponded most closely to 3381 bp, the expected size
  • Gene clean wash
  • Set ligations at 14:30, to be ready at 16:30
  • Gene clean ligation product
  • Electroporation completed
  • Incubated at 37C in Dr. Mann's Lab

Electrocompetent cells

  • Cells have been made competent...see protocol
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