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*Maxi, mini and (storage) of J37024 & J37031 (ligated on Friday)
  J37025 (this part will be used to make the final polycistronic predator)
  J37022 (the Aiia test construct)
  J37020 (the monocistronic predator test construct)
  J37018 (this part will be used to make the final monocistronic predator)
*Electroporate all of the above.
*Culture J37024 and J37031 from plate for maxis, minis and storage (electroporated on Saturday) 
if minipreps show that ligations have failed.


  • Couldn't take a picture since we can't work out how to use the equipment in Dr. Mann's lab but the results look promising...
  • Colony 1 has a band at 6000
  • Colonies 2,3 & 4 have a band between 850 bp and 1000 bp, a band just larger than 2000 and a band at 3000
  • All colonies show a band between 850 bp and 1000 bp and a band at 3000


  • Digests looked unpromising (I'll link the gel pictures next time I'm near a scanner) so we chose not to ligate


  • The minipreps showed that Friday's ligaiton worked so we cultured 024 and 031 (electroporated yesterday) for minipreps only.
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