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*Miniprep of J37024 and J37031 (from the o/n ligations)
*Ligations and Electroporations: 
    J37022 (AiiA test construct)
    J37025 (to be used to construct the final poly/monocistronic predator parts)
    J37018 (to be used to construct the final monocistronic predator part)
    J37020 (the polycistronic prey test construct)  


  • J37024 colonies 2 and 3 successful (colony 1 unsuccessful)
  • J37031 all three colonies successful

Ligations and Electroporations

  • Ligation set up today.
  • Dr. Mann said he'd transform if he was still around later today or else he'll do it tomorrow...things are looking up, we may get our test construct yet.


  • Using new blunt-end kit, the ligation of the Cre-Lox part into a blunt-ended plasmid
  • Left to ligate overnight
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