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Super Parts Molecular Prey-Predator Oscillator
Actual Part Image:J37015page.JPG
Sub Parts Test Sensing Prey Construct <bbpart>C0261</bbpart> <bbpart>I13401</bbpart>


  • The Prey Construct must control the molecular activity associated with the Prey in the Lotka-Volterra model.
  • This part has to interface with the Predator-construct.
  • To satisfy the conditions for Lotka-Volterra, this part has to produce the molecular prey exponentially.

Part Interface


Expected behavior and performances

System level specifications
Properties Specifications
Input Range(s) Input range should be sufficient to produce a detectable output of prey.
Output Range(s) Output range of the prey should be detectable and sufficient to interact with the predator.
Expected Output

To satisfy Lotka-Volterra conditions, our system should produce prey exponentially.

Robustness Device should work for at least 10 cycles of the oscillator to match system level oscillator specifications.
Variability Variability at the device population level (day to day, device to device) should be as low as possible.

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