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An iGEM morning ...
An iGEM morning ...
  • "Clear wiki, Clear mind" --- Matthieu
  • "For instance..."--- Jerry
  • "Lucas! Can you give me one night! *hearts*" --- Ben
  • "For instance..."--- Jerry
  • "Oh no you don't..."--- James
  • "For instance..."--- Jerry
  • "Hmm."--- Cheuk ka
  • "GFP says... no Alex says, its takes 4-8 hours"--- Ben
  • "Jerry you are needed in the lab! you are the only one who can label "TL"! *giggles*"--- Ben
  • Spice Girls
    • Baby Spice- PPx
    • Ginger Spice- Jerry
    • Posh Spice- Ben
    • Scary Spice-
    • Sporty Spice-
  • "I am chewing gum."--- Lucas
  • "The ignorant will never be guilty"--- Mistress(BOSS) Peixuan Pey
  • "My surname is KHAN."--- Maira Khan
  • "I am not a gentleman. I am a lady!"--- Lucas
  • "What is after F...G?"--- Lucas
  • "I like Alex."--- James
  • "I am not that gay YET."--- Ben
  • "You have the British face.... I like..."--- Lucas to James
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