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Result Summary

  • Tests were carried out on the following concentrations of GFP:
    • 3.7µM, 1.8µM, 1µM, 0.5µM, 0.1µM, 0.05µM, 0.025µM, 0.0125µM and 0µM
Calibration curve for GFP in vitro
Calibration curve for GFP in vitro

The experiment was carried out to calibrate the response of GFP fluorescence to different concentrations of GFP, in-vitro. [GFP] and fluorescence would be expected to be directly proportional as they have a linear relation at certain concentrations.

The results obtained correlate with what was expected as the graph of fluorescence against [GFP] is a sraight line through the origin. The gradient of this graph is almost 1.5 times the gradient for GFP in-vivo, as seen in the characterisation of part F2620. This means that a particular concentration of GFP in-vitro has 1.5 times more fluorescence than the same concentration of GFP in-vivo.

Complete set of results can be found here:

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