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Key: Small letters are teams. Wiki team is Tom and QQ, drylab team is Erika, Clinton, Prudence and Yanis and the wetlab team is James, Chris, Tom, Krupa and QQ. Large letters are names (first name initials, except Clinton is L).

Overall editing will be done by Tom and Erika when everything is uploaded. On top of everything will be a home page, which will basically act as a front cover for our project - a nice cartoon, something flashy and impressive, leading on the the project page.

Basically please note which pages you are responsible for. When we get to updating the wiki (to put it on the official one) we'll each need to summarise our pages and put them up, fixing any links and re-uploading any images/files so they point to the right place! If you have any problems or are unsure of how to do something, ask Tom or QQ.

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